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Centre for Neurological Support Nedlands

The Neurological Council of WA (NCWA) is an umbrella body connecting a number of co-located neurological organisations.

In 2002 with support from Lotterywest, the Neurological Council of WA secured accommodation for the neurological community at The Niche building in Nedlands. This established the Centre for Neurological Support, a purpose-built and multi-functional centre, housing the Neurological Council of WA and member organisations.

The Centre for Neurological Support is only one of a few similar facilities internationally. It is a recognised hub of neurological activity and support, creating a sense of community and culture aiming to positively influencing the neurological landscape.

Member organisations

Refurbishment of the Centre for Neurological Support

In 2018, with support from a Lotterywest grant, the Centre for Neurological Support (along with Indigo) refurbished its existing premises adding a modern, inviting and community feel to it.

The wonderful work carried out by Bellfort included: redefining the floor plan allowing for larger office space for member organisations; creating comfortable, shared work areas for smaller groups to co-habit within; applying branding to glazed surfaces for different member organisations; and personalising branding for each organisation with a neurological themed background.

The outcome of the refurbishment has been overwhelmingly positive. The impact on the Neurological Council of WA, Centre for Neurological Support members, clients and visitors has been more than just tangible. It has left a legacy of improved communication, collaboration and relationships, extending out to the wider community.

Centre for Neurological Support Reception Area Nedlands
Centre for Neurological Support seating and meeting area
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